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Fusion Restaurant "Izumi"


Izumi prides itself on its excellent food quality and relaxing atmosphere. Using fresh seasonal ingredients, our chefs take a fusion spin on Western and Japanese cuisine. We are the only restaurant in the Kansai Airport area that has a traditional Japanese garden and offer a variety of spaces to suit any occasion, including large and small private rooms and tatami rooms with leg space. You may also enjoy our handmade desserts and carefully selected teas and coffees during tea time. Our restaurant is barrier-free.


From Western Food to Desserts


Authentic Japanese cuisine

Afternoon Tea Set
Western Course
Dining Area Overlooking the Garden
Enjoy Delectable Cuisine with the Beautiful Scenery
Also Open for Tea
Private Tatami Room with Ample Leg Space
Private Room(Small)
Private Room(Large)
Rooms for Large Groups Available


Bellevue Garden Hotel Kansai Airport 

First Floor

3-3-34 Ichiba-Nishi, Izumisano City, Osaka 598-0006, Japan

LUNCH   11:30-14:00

CAFE       14:00-17:00 

DINNER  17:00-21:30

Last Order 21:00

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


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